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Worldwide delivery


    • Paper bags with plastic liner inside net weght 25kg, stowed on pallets net weight 1000kg, 1050kg and 1200kg;
    • Laminated polypropylene ‘big bag’ containers with loading and unloading valves net weight 1000 kg, 1200 kg, 1250 kg.


All the packages are certified for transportation of hazardous commodities in conformity with national and international regulations.

Copper sulphate refers to hazardous materials ADR 9, UN 3077, CAS 7758-99-8, EG/EC 231-847-6.

Types of delivery


Railway delivery

Net weight less than 66 mt

20' container

Delivery by railway, motor transport and maritime transport

Net weight up to 27 mt

Motor transport

Delivery via all-purpose road and ferry crossing

Net weight up to 21 mt

Multimodal transportation

Consists of three types of delivery (railway, trucks and vessel)


Work geography

Worldwide delivery

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